Saturday, October 29, 2005

Fun in the Falklands

After a 50 hr delay I finally arrived at Mount Pleasant (honestly) International. Should be here till tues weather dependant, although thankfully not RAF dependant. After spending 30hrs around Brize Norton I was so thankfull to be on a plane that the fact that we were just sat on a bunch of seats bolted down in a cargo plane that was designed the same time as the mk1 ford escort was low on the list of concerns. getting served by trolley dollys with big muscles and tatoos was an experience I've not had since flying sleazyjet either.

Scenery round here is pretty reminiscent of NW scotland although there are less minefields and more tornados(in scotland). Some of the street names would be a little out of place too. Have had to keep my gob shut in the pub since there is more union jack waving than an old firm match and mrs T seens to be something of a national heroine.


Blogger dee said...

looks like something from amityville horror

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