Monday, February 05, 2007

Back in civilisation??

Well, that's me back in civilisation, or at least as close as is available in the Falklands. To cut a long story short, last month we got on the HMS Endurance, sailed down Drake's Passage which was flat calm or at least that's what all the guys on the ship said. When we got down to the pininsula, we were flown by helo(copter) onto James Ross Island (JRI) where we stayed for a fortnight. Then we were uplifted, had a shower and did various day trips from the ship mostly by helo but we were also input by inflatable.

our campsite on JRI

our walk to work.......

our tents getting uplifted

Then we sailed around to Deception Island to help out a Norwegian cruise ship who had had some difficulties finding the way out and sailed north to the delights of Mare Harbour and Stanley. Via Drake's Passage which even some of the crew described as "lumpy". I don't think I've missed my calling in life by not becoming a sailor.
Now I'm waiting in the cradle of civilisation waiting for the weather to improve so the MOD can fly me back to proper civilisation. See you soon.


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