Saturday, November 12, 2005

Antarctic Birthday

Off for a few birthday beers but first here's a few pics. I took the one below on the way out on to the sea ice. The two dark dots on the right side of the 'berg are weddel seals. The ice is starting break up now. soon this will just be sea with a bunch of icebergs floating around.

And here's a closer view of the afforementioned seals. The ice was about 70cm thick but with some pretty meaty cracks mainle due to the action of the tide. Obviously falling through these would be a bad thing in capital letters so we have to wear these dapper dry suits.

And a sunset one too.......

Heres to another year!


Blogger dee said...

happy birthday soup, the place looks awesome, wouldn't like to fall in the water even with one of your dry suits though.

11:10 am  

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