Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Camping in Style

Off into the field soon so went out to try out the tents. They are a lot more solid than they look but they weigh around 80lbs so not much use for backbacking. Just be on the safe side we camped out in the back garden (the base is just around the corner!)

The wind got up while we were out there but once you realise the tent is going to stay put you can relax and get a brew on. I shouldn't talk about this since I'll probably get thrown out of the 'Hard Anarctic Explorers Union' but camping here is probaly the most luxurious camping you'll ever do. The sleeping bags are so warm you could sleep out on top of Everest, wearing boxer shorts and still have to unzip it because you're too hot. Underneath there is two huge mats as well as a sheepskin rug which you can just see under my left hand.

And with your cup of tea you need the morning paper too. The relative importance of different bits of news is a bit skewed down here.....


Blogger Big Al said...

Nice photos mate looks like 18 months of Bliss. Not many sheep down there but I've been told that the seal pups are just as obliging? Maybe you can verify this for me.
Big Al

3:06 pm  

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