Friday, December 30, 2005


In a barely believable technological breakthrough, it is now possible to view an enlarged image by clicking on it. Is there no begining to my IT skills......? I'll try to get round to re-doing the previous pics but don't hold your breath.

Been abseiling into crevasses for art but this is the christmas post so the art will follow.

Christmas in Antarctica

The annual 10k race was held on xmas eve this year. 5 laps of the runway although some folk didn't enter into the spirit of the event.

christmas eve 10k race (above)

Then on the day itself, brunch, a Bond film and a walk around the point to work up the appetite, then christmas dinner itself.

So many people have asked what we would be eating, here is a pic of my christmas dinner. No penguin in sight....

All this was made possible (well the alcohol bit anyway) by the JCR arriving a couple of days earlier for our re-supply. The sight of this beautiful ship, easing through the sea-ice, full of stella brought a tear to my eye. The thought of having to drink cider all festive season was too much to even consider.


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