Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Rothera Pub Crawl

The pub crawl heralds the start to mid-winter week. The lack of venues could have been a problem so bars spring up in the most unlikely of places. The evening kicked off with food and drinks in 'La Cuisine' a French kitchen bar run by a Belgian and an Englishman. Next up was 'Cutting Edge @ The Bonner Lab' where some more world class science proved that tequila sunrises squirted directly down the throat caused difficulty walking across snowdrifts.

The action then moved on to 'Spirit in the Sky' where the met team made good use of a drifted over exit and helium filled weather balloons.

The surgery was the scene of Lowri pushing the boundaries of the hyppocratic oath. She was obviously not using her medicine as enthusiastically as she was prescribing it as she managed to take all these pictures.

However, the most spectacular was the field assistant's legendary 'Bungee Bar'. But then I would say that. The unfortunate participant is tied to all the entire base supply of elastic then sprints off and collects as much beer as possible before Hooke does his stuff and our victim is hauled back down the corridor, usually dropping any beer he managed to collect as he's pinballed off the walls.


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