Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Americans Are Coming!

The American research ship, Laurence M Gould came around for a visit last week. I knew this as I'd left my radio on the night before and they called up at 06:30 to loudly give us a "heads up" to their arrival nearly three hours later. The only person awake at that time (other than me) was Riet the chef getting the food ready..... So the perfect excuse to jump in a boat and go for a jolly around the bay. And check out the icebergs. All very picturesque as long as they don't roll over onto you.....

While we were out there, we took a diversion to Lagoon Island and have a look at the wildlife. These Elephant Seals are big, unfriendly and smelly but pretty safe. Unless they roll over onto you......

Marguerite Bay with Lagoon Island on the left


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